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Dolphin Cove Negril

Dolphin Cove Negril

For video of Dolphin Cove Click "Video" above

Located 45 minutes from Negril and Montego Bay in Lucea.
Enjoy a day at the park or get adventurous with one of three "Dolphin" programs

Dolphin Cove Negril Dolphin Cove Negril
Dolphin Cove, Jamaica’s Number One Marine attraction has now expanded to a location close to both Negril and Montego Bay.
This faciloity is the largest in the world.
At this time only dolphin interaction is available.
Visitors have the opportunity to interact, and "Ultimate Swim With The Dolphins",
enjoying the thrill and love of these amazing lovable animals.
"Dolphin Swim" and "Dolphin Encounter" are also available

Entrance is included with all Dolphin interactive programs.
Once at "Dolphin Cove Negril" you’ll have an "Experience of a Life Time".

Please allow yourself time to enjoy the park before or after your program
Videos, pictures and souvenirs are available for purchase.

Individual Program Rates
Program and Package Rates do not include 10% Jamaican tax
Rates subject to change without notice
Please click on activity for information.
Adult Rate Child Rate (age 6-12)
Entrance To The Park $24/person $19/child
"Ultimate Swim With Dolphins" Program
Children 8-12 must be accompanied by an adult
"Dolphin Swim" Program
Children 6-12 must be accompanied by an adult
Children 5 years and younger can participate as long as
they are a good swimmer and are accompanied by an adult (child rate applies)
$105/person $77/child
"Dolphin Encounter" Program
Min. age: 6 years to "Touch" on their own
Children 0-5 years are free (with adult)
$58/person $44/child
Round Trip Transportation (optional) - With program or package above
Children 2 and under travel FREE
White House $60/round trip/person
Negril or Montego Bay $20/round trip/person
Grand Paladium $8/round trip/person
Above transfer rates include Jamaican tax
NEW: For persons under the age of 18 years a parent or guardian must sign
a Liability Waiver Form. This is a legal document which has to be completed by an adult
Without the adults signature, minors will not be permitted to complete the tour.

To book your adventure please complete this form.
You will be contacted at the phone number or email address supplied.
for confirmation and payment options.

Please note: All information is for Onestop and Dolphin Cove's use only
and will be kept in the strictest confidence.

Tours are not considered booked until full payment has been received.
Refunds for Dolphin Cove only available 7 days or more prior to arrival in Jamaica.
No refunds within 7 days of arrival
If you are coming from a cruise ship you must arrange all adventures with your shore excursion manager.
(We can't book this for you)
If you are staying at a Sandals property you must arrange your Dolphin Experience through them.

Dolphin Cove Negril Reservation Request Form
For personal service call: 1-877-651-7867
Date Requested:

Month:    Day: Year:
Dates Available:

Please specify the date range during which you are available for the tour.
We will suggest alternative dates in the event we are booked full on your requested date.

From: Month:    Day:      To: Month:    Day:
Number of Persons in Party:
Entrance Only To Dolphin Cove Negril
(Entrance is included with all programs)
No. of Children age under 6 years:     
No. of Children age 6-12 years:         
No. of Persons 13 years and over:     

Time Requested:
"Dolphin Encounter" Program
Free of charge for under 6. Must be accompanied by paying adult.
One adult for each child 5 years and under.
  No. of Children 5 years and Under:
             No. of Children 6-12 years:
   No. of Persons 13 years and over:

Time Requested:
"Dolphin Swim" Program
Children Up to 12 years must be accompanied by paying adult.
               No. of Children 6-12 Years:
   No. of Persons 13 years and Over: 

Time Requested:
"Ultimate Swim With Dolphins" Program
Children 8-12 must be accompanied by paying adult.
              No. of Children 8-12 Years:
No. of Persons 13 years and Over:   

Time Requested:
Would you like to arrange transportation? Yes     No.
First name:
Last name:
Contact phone number with area code:
E-Mail Address:
Special Requests

If you wish to inquire or reserve in person contact us
toll free at:
1 877-OK-1-STOP(651-7867) - U.S. and Canada
or 001-1-416-595-9278 (outside North America)

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